[mythtv-users] mythfrontend on .xinitrc

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Nov 7 10:54:48 UTC 2012

On 06/11/12 21:11, Ken Mink wrote:
> On 11/6/12 2:17 PM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
>> On 11/6/2012 09:52, Ken Mink wrote:
>>> On 11/6/12 7:47 AM, Josu Lazkano wrote:
>>>> I am having some segfault with mythfrontend so I want to know if is a
>>>> good option to add the mythfrontend binary on the user ".xinitrc"
>>>> file.
>>> I have the mythtv user automatically logged in on tty8. Then their
>>> .bash_profile does a startx and the last thing in the .xinitrc is
>>> mythfrontend. This runs the FE without the overhead of a window manager.
>> You should always use a window manager. You need something to handle the
>> Z-axis of multiple windows, even if you're only running mythfrontend.
> I run my FEs as STBs. They don't have mice or keyboards and they don't run other
> apps. There are no multiple windows to have to worry about a Z-axis. A lot of
> embedded systems run a x-window apps full screen without a window manager.
> Window managers are not always necessary.
> Another solution would be to run the FE from .xinitrc on one virtual console. It
> you need a window manager for other apps, switch to another virtual console.
The moment you press Menu (or some other button) in a UI window the system 
displays a dialog window on top of the UI. That's your Z-axis.

Most times you might be lucky, but who is to say that the theme you chose 
changes (perhaps because of a bug fix) and your selected window is now no longer 
drawn on top of the UI because hint information is being ignored?

Window managers are there for a reason.


Mike Perkins

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