[mythtv-users] Sometimes mythfrontend freezes when internal player is put on pause

Andrey Zhunev a-j at a-j.ru
Wed Nov 7 09:27:56 UTC 2012

Hello Michael,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 8:06:49 AM, you wrote:

> Hello Michael,

>> Perhaps the audio device is blocking?  I.e. this can happen if you mess
>> around with your ALSA configuration and/or specify a hardware device 
>> directly (as nearly all current hardware--thanks to Intel's "let's make
>> an audio interface that burns CPU to make sure people buy big chips" 
>> AC'97 and HDA specifications--has no hardware mixer and uses software to
>> do mixing).

> The alsa configuration is almost default, except that some time ago I
> tried to add a software preamp (to increase the level of analog
> output). The preamp never worked for me on this system despite all my
> attempts...

>> What's your audio configuration in MythTV?



I changed my mythfrontend audio configuration to 'alsa:default'

But mythfrontend froze again. I didn't have verbose logging turned on
at that moment, but based on the way it did it - the problem is still
the same.

What else I could try?

P.S. I'm still not 100% sure it is related to audio...

Best regards,

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