[mythtv-users] slightly OT: NVIDIA Delivers Massive Performance Boost to Linux Gaming /sic/

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 21:51:47 UTC 2012

On 6 Nov 2012, at 21:37, Evuraan wrote:

> does this mean anything to us those who use vdpau?
> http://nvidianews.nvidia.com/Releases/NVIDIA-Delivers-Massive-Performance-Boost-to-Linux-Gaming-8ac.aspx

It's interesting because only yesterday I was wondering why the fan on my laptop was running at full speed while I was watching an HD movie. I looked at top and discovered that although mplayer was only using 5% CPU, Xorg was using 75%. This was with the 304 driver. I upgraded to the 310 driver and Xorg is now using less than mplayer.

That on its own is interesting. However I then downgraded to the 295 driver and saw the same CPU figures as with the 310 driver.

The cynic in me therefore wants to say that the 310 driver is twice as fast as the 304 driver because the 304 driver is half as fast as it should be. It is possible that the upgrade to 310 pulled in some other X updates, but I didn't notice anything important.


> <snip>
> (1) Comparing 304.51 driver performance of 142.7 fps versus 310.14
> driver performance of 301.4 fps in beta build of Left for Dead 2. All
> tests run on the same system using Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz
> with 8 GB memory, GeForce GTX 680 and Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit.</snip>
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