[mythtv-users] After upgrade, backend ends with user logout

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Tue Nov 6 12:43:15 UTC 2012

Steve Greene wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-11-05 at 21:54 -0800, Thomas Mashos wrote:
>> Slight correction. The backend runs as the mythtv user via upstart.
>> Not sure what happens if you name your user mythtv
> Yep, I realized that after I posted. Do other folks running a Ubuntu box
> encounter this? Anyone got ACPI sleep/wake running?

No problems here on Ubuntu 12.04 and mythtv 0.25+fixes. User mythtv logs
in and runs the FE. After "mythtv" logs out the backend keeps running.


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