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> On 11/04/2012 10:52 PM, R KANNAN wrote:
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> > I apologize for top posting (gmail is partly to blame) and also not
> > using the correct subject line.
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> > Any ideas on why the MBR does not get updated with the Mythbuntu install
> > on HP?
> With recent Fedora versions, the installer recognizes that the disk is
> *already* partitioned with an MBR and does NOT overwrite it with a GPT
> scheme. If the disk is blank, then it is GPT partitioned.
> I would not be surprised if *buntu's installer does the same thing as it
> is logical that it should 'do no harm'.
> In which case, I think your response should be to use a livecd/liveusb
> such as SysRescue or Rescue is Possible (and you *do* have one of those
> handy, right?) and wipe the disk clean. SysRescue includes gparted which
> makes things very easy. Either wipe everything, or set up your preferred
> partition layout (MBR or GPT as you wish).
> Geoff
No. My problem is the reverse of what you are describing here. I have a
hard disk with MBR partition layout with  two Windows 7 partitions with
data already. When I add Ubuntu (mythbuntu 12.04), creating more partitions
for '/', '/home' etc, it goes through fine but DOES NOT UPDATE the MBR. So
I can only boot to Windows 7.

I was wondering why the installer thinks it is a GPT partition scheme which
explains why the MBR is not updated. There does not seem to be anyway to
control the boot loader in the installation other than where it goes to
'(/dev/sda' in my case).

In the HP bios there seems to be a boot option to select 'Legacy Boot
Devices->ATAPI DVD/CD-ROM' in addition to 'UEFI Boot Devices-> ATAPI
DVD/CD_ROM' , Perhaps I can choose that but unfortunately that does not
allow me to choosing kernel options ('nomodeset' needed for my graphics
card) while botting from the install CD.
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