[mythtv-users] Reducing resolution/bitrate of recordings?

Lee Maisel maisel at lobo.net
Sat Nov 3 07:08:56 UTC 2012

Nick Rout wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 7:28 PM, Lee Maisel <maisel at lobo.net 
> <mailto:maisel at lobo.net>> wrote:
>     I'm trying to get some performance gains.   Currently, there are
>     some artifacts/sound pauses (annoying)  Not surprising when
>     multiple recordings are going, and they are typically 8GB in size.
>     I read in the optimization wiki a mention of reducing the
>     recording sizes, but there was no instruction as how to do so!
>     I assume that by doing this, I would:
>     reduce disk usage
>     decrease network traffic
>     reduce CPU processing
>     Setup is as follows:
>     Mythbuntu Mythtv 0.25 Fe/Be
>     4GB ram
>     3TB separate disk for recordings (USB unfortunately, but that's
>     another story, bios won't see correct drive size if installed as SATA)
>     3 HD Homerun tuners (giving me 6 inputs)
>     Nvidia HDMI output for video and audio
>     I have looked and looked at the settings, and cannot for the life
>     of me find out where in the heck to change the recording
>     resolution/bitrate etc.
> You can't. You have a digital tuner (albeit joined to your backend via 
> a network) and it records what the TV company sends.
I Suspected as much.  Well that's a bummer.   Any ideas on what to do 
about the annoying audio issue?  It's not all the time, but when it 
happens, it's so irritating, nobody wants to continue the program.  It 
like blanks out (audio) every few seconds for a blip.
I'm really really hoping it's a reception issue, which i'll remedy soon 
with dual antennas.

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