[mythtv-users] hdmi audio nvidia gt220 lucid 0.25

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 07:59:38 UTC 2012

I have an nvidia gt220 card in a lucid machine running 0.25 fixes via
mythtv repos.

I can't get hdmi audio to work.

The following data points seem relevant:

kernel 2.6.32-44-generic
cat /proc/asound/version - 1.0.21 (suspect a problem here)
ls /proc/asound shows an ICH card and an NVidia card.
ls /proc/asound/NVidia

       codec#0  codec#1  codec#2  codec#3  id  oss_mixer  (NOTE:  no pcm

myth scan shows only ICH devices (as well as the usual null and /dev/dsp

nvidia drivers are 195.36.24

There are no /etc/asound.conf or ~/.asoundrc files

This machine is an older P4 SFF machine that was last used pre the
22/2/2011 earthquake, when it was connected to an external usb sound device
to a spdif 5.1 sound system. Times have changed, and now I want it to
simply connect it to a TV via hdmi for a kids room (no surround sound
system). I have updated all the packages after moving mythbuntu-repos to
0.25-fxes, so it is right up to date.

I am thinking the solutions might be any of:

*get a newer nvidia driver from some ppa or other (if so which one)

*get a newer alsa version via some ppa or other (if so which one)

*ditch the current os and install 12.04 (which is probably future proofing
as I will want to move to 0.26 and beyond soon anyway, but I'll only do it
now if it will fix this right now).

However before I start futzing with an otherwise good system (the graphics
form the gt220 are good aren't they!) I'd like to know if anyone has a
solution, rather than me experimenting all weekend.
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