[mythtv-users] Suspend to RAM

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Fri Nov 2 04:14:37 UTC 2012

> But I have an other problem, before I suspend the machine I use to switch
> of the TV with a irsend command. But when I return from suspend mode the TV
> is off.
> I don't know how to manage this, do I need a special script to run before
> return from suspend? how could I check if the TV is off?
I would use an IRSEND to power the tv back on when the system resumes from
suspend (eg

 To determine if the TV is already on, there are several approaches you
might take:
1. do an edid query (should only work if the tv is on)
2. use a serial cable, if your tv has a db9, and see if you get a response
from the set.
3. ping the tv (assuming it has network connectivity)

I have also read that you could wire the tv's usb +5v and GND to a serial
port's CTS and GND and sense the CTS status of the port using a python or C
program... but that's far more complicated.
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