[mythtv-users] Encoder 2 and 4 never seem to be used

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Nov 1 13:29:26 UTC 2012

On 10/31/2012 07:58 PM, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Brian Phillips wrote:
>> I belive I may have fixed it.  I like to start recording 2 minutes 
>> early on
>> all my shows because some networks start the show earlier than they 
>> say they
>> will.  I had hacked it by putting the hard 2 minutes at the beginning 
>> of all
>> my recording schedules (about 5 of them).  While I was messing in
>> mythtv-setup, I decided to enable the option and "do it the right 
>> way" by
>> adding the global buffer there and removing the 2 minutes from each 
>> of the
>> recording schedules.
> I hard pad all my recordings, and I still get multiple recordings from 
> 1 mux on one tuner. I assume you set the soft-pad option so when the 
> system is doing back-back recordings it's not padding at all.
> You still have something wrong. You can hard pad and still use multirec.

Most likely the start early/end late options he specified, along with 
recording priorities (or, perhaps, preferred input settings), were 
causing back-to-back recordings to flip-flop from one tuner to the next, so

Note, also, there's:

Avoid back to back recordings
- Never
- Different Channels
- Always
Selects the situations where the scheduler will avoid assigning shows to 
the same card if their end time and start time match. This will be 
allowed when necessary in order to resolve conflicts.

which, if changed to anything but its default of Never, could cause 
issues for users without a lot of physical tuners.  So, Brian, you 
should definitely look at that setting under Recording Priorities (which 
is really just general recording options) in frontend settings.


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