[mythtv-users] Lossless cut error - last video segment not included in resulting video file

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Thu Nov 1 12:39:44 UTC 2012

     Thanks for reporting this issue. I noticed that you have an 
HDHomerun recording device, unfortunately you are the second HDHomerun 
user to report that the last cut of their recording was not included in 
the lossless cut mkv file.

This user provided me with an entire recording to test with. Here is 
what I found:
1) The issue seemed to only impact one specific channel's recordings 
(Ithink it was NBC in Grand Falls)
2) Lossless Cut did created the last cut segment
3) At merge time that last segment along with the proceeding ones were 
all passed to mkvmerge (merging utility) to create the final MKV 
lossless cut file, but it always failed toinclude that last segment.
4) This seems to be a bug with MKVToolnix (mkvmerge) as it is consistent 
with the HDHomerun and specific channel's recordingsand now fortwo 
different users.

Until mkvmergeprovides a fix for this issue there is nothing that can be 
changed in Lossless Cut to fix this issue. I did investigate allowing 
the use of ffmpeg to perform lossless cut and/or merge operations but it 
came with its own set of issues. The worst was random video artifacts at 
the cut points which effected ALL recordings. At this time mkvmerge, 
even with its limitations, seems to be the best utility for the job.

I notice that you are using Lossless Cut v0.1.4 please update your 
install to v0.1.5 (released late Tues Nov 30th). This will not likely 
have any impact on the problem you have reported but does include a fix 
for the extraction and inclusion of HDHomeruns EIA subtitles. There are 
a number of otherbug fixes and new features in this most recent release.

I hope you can get some value from Lossless Cut.

Thanks for trying this script out.


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