[mythtv-users] Encoder 2 and 4 never seem to be used

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Nov 1 02:31:48 UTC 2012

On 10/31/2012 06:33 PM, Brian Phillips wrote:
> Brian Phillips wrote:
>> Agreed.  Because everything you've said sounds similar to what I have
>> done.
>> I rarely watch LiveTV, but the one time I did while recording, I
>> noticed that LiveTV decided to jump on the same tuner as a program
>> that was recording, and I was only allowed to view the channels on
>> the recording multiplex.  I had to switch input source to tuner 2
>> before I could view other channels.  So I deleted all capture cards
>> as you say and added them such that LiveTV will go to "Tuner 2" by
>> default.  That seems to work now, but this is not the problem I
>> described in the original email.
>> I described a problem wherein recorded programs are using both
>> physical tuners, even if both shows are on the same multiplex.  Seems
>> pointless to have a "Max Recordings" setting if Myth decides not to
>> pay attention to it.
>> This problem results in conflicting recording schedules if I add a
>> third program to the recording window.
> I belive I may have fixed it.  I like to start recording 2 minutes early on
> all my shows because some networks start the show earlier than they say they
> will.  I had hacked it by putting the hard 2 minutes at the beginning of all
> my recording schedules (about 5 of them).  While I was messing in
> mythtv-setup, I decided to enable the option and "do it the right way" by
> adding the global buffer there and removing the 2 minutes from each of the
> recording schedules.
> Mythtv is now scheduling shows on the same multiplex on the same physical
> tuner, and I can record more than 2 shows now.  Thanks!

Actually, the hard padding is the right way (along with sufficient 
tuners--both physical and virtual--for the intended amount of recording 
you do).  The "global" option you specified is a hack that won't work 
except at the beginning and end of a recording session (i.e. first show 
of the night for the tuner gets an early start and last of the night 
gets the late end).  It was meant to be used only to allow some "spin 
up" time for the hard drive and/or capture card (firmware loading, etc) 
before first use (or first use of the evening), not to record extra.

That said, it seems most people are abusing it (as a placebo to make 
them think they're getting more of a recording just in case).  Just 
please don't complain when you find many (most?) of your shows are 
getting recorded without the extra.  :)


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