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Thu May 17 19:07:19 UTC 2012

AirPlay on mythtv will work with either Alsa or PulseAudio , the
AirPlay server is completely independent to what audio framework
output you are using.

> As i dont own a Ipad ore Iphone a was able to borrow one from work
> yesterday. I took it home with me, startet spotify and selected my
> frontend as airplay source and it worked perfectly! Even sending video
> over airplay worked :=).

Yes, Audio and Video are fully supported with mythfrontend over AirPlay

> To my point :=)
> As i am not an apple fanboy i am searching for an alternative solution
> for doing the same thing. What i would like to be able to do is send
> audio and video from (spotify,youtube) from my ubuntu 12.04 laptop and
> maybe from android devices. Is there any good solution to do this
> without buying apple stuff?

For audio, there are solutions without buying Apple hardware. You can
obviously use iTunes on Windows.
But there are also some simple AirTune client that will connect to an
AirTunes server (airport express, apple TV of mythfrontend)

For videos, there's no "push" solution like Apple TV that I know of.
Most other solutions are "pull" only such as UPnP or DLNA. By pull I
mean you control what you want to do on the device that is going to
display the content..


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