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Thu May 17 19:07:19 UTC 2012

Title/subtitle metadata (tv shows, home videos, etc) and another to
Title metadata (ie Movies).

For the built in Categories of Recorded and TV Shows, (and whatever
else is come up with), they can default to Title/subtitle metadata,
Movies, etc to just Title metadata. This would be displayed much like
the current Watch Recordings screen. The views should mesh such that
there is not big visual switch in how the display looks, just a slight
change in how the data is presented.

The "All" view should however have some special features in it's Title column.

Recorded should be the initial entry point, and of course show only
recorded shows in the order the user chooses (ie right now the user
can choose what chronological order recordings are displayed, this
would stay and be used for this category) which then mimics the
current initial view upon entering Watch Recordings, and give the user
a clearly displayed view of what has been recorded in their preferred
sort order.

The ability to have other Categories with only Title metadata as their
view in the title column could be had too so Movies would get an entry
in All as well.

I think this would not be too far off of what we're all used to now,
while integrating MythVideo and Watch Recordings, while meeting the
issues people have voiced so far.

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