[mythtv-users] RFE: Put part-watched recordings at the top of the Watch List

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sun May 27 18:51:41 UTC 2012

At 7:28 AM -0700 5/27/12, Jim Stichnoth wrote:
>On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 6:33 AM, Joey Morris <rjmorris at nc.rr.com> wrote:
>>  I have three primary use cases for this:
>>  1) Start watching a show in one room and finish it in another. I did a
>>  quick test, and it looks like PREVCHAN is specific to the current
>>  frontend, so that wouldn't work for this use case. Is JUMPPREV also
>>  specific to the current frontend?
>>  2) Start watching a show one day and finish it the next.
>>  PREVCHAN/JUMPPREV should work for this use case as long as I stick to
>>  the same frontend. (I put my frontends to sleep instead of shutting
>>  them down, so that shouldn't be a problem.)
>>  3) Start watching a show, exit it to watch something else, then finish
>>  the original show after watching an arbitrary number of other shows.
>>  The time between starting and finishing the original show could be
>>  several days. To complicate matters, those shows in between may fall
>>  into use cases (1) or (2) themselves. I don't think PREVCHAN/JUMPPREV
>>  would work in this use case, because they go back just one show, but
>>  I'd want to go back 2+ shows.
>I have a feature request from my family along these lines.  The idea
>is to have a "Previously Watched" screen which shows a list of all
>programs watched on this frontend (or possibly a different frontend),
>sorted by most recently watched.  That in itself probably covers most
>of the use cases described so far, but there's an extra twist.  You
>should be able to directly continue watching a program from this
>screen, but you should also be able to jump to the Watch Recordings
>context from when you last watched the program.  For example, if
>you're catching up on episodes of some series, you would be able to
>return to Watch Recordings with your previously watched episode
>highlighted in the previous context - specifically, keeping the same
>"group" selected, e.g. "All Recordings" versus the particular
>series/title.  This would allow you to easily move to the next episode
>in the series.  One would have to think about what to do if the
>recording is no longer part of the original context, which would
>happen if the program is permanently deleted, renamed, moved to a
>different recording group, etc.

Is it possible to have a rough indication of the bookmark?  Some 
members of my family--who will not be named in order to preserve 
matrimonial bliss--will watch an entire episode and exit as soon as 
the ending credits start to roll.  This leaves the bookmark almost at 
the end of the file but not close enough to trigger the Watched 
status.  When I come along, I hit Play only to find out that I need 
to exit and Play from Beginning.  It would be cool to see something 
like a fuel gauge:  at the beginning, in the middle or near the end 
would be good enough.

Just a thought.


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