[mythtv-users] HDPVR and Live TV - Does anyone have this working?

sitten74490 at mypacks.net sitten74490 at mypacks.net
Sat May 26 15:40:23 UTC 2012

>Sorry, it seems I managed to confuse the situation. The *link* I
>provided was for a kernal patch, the should make the patch I
>*attached* unnecessary.

>I am attaching the Myth patch, again.

>If the attached patch does seem to help, please let me know and I will
>make sure it is included in 0.25

John P. Poet -

Until I found and applied your Myth patch to .25 fixes, I had been experiencing Live TV channel change failures with my HDPVR on kernel 3.3.7 (which already includes the hdpvr driver patch you mentioned). Your patch does work and should certainly be committed - I am sure it would help other  HDPVR users who continue to have Live TV issues with the latest stable Myth release.  Thanks for your help!


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