[mythtv-users] Lengthy delay watching recordings

Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Tue May 22 18:32:36 UTC 2012

On 5/22/2012 2:19 PM, Rich West wrote:
> I noticed that going to 0.25 about a month back that the delay to start
> playing an HD video had increased substantially and was curious as to
> what might be the cause.
> As I looked further, I realized that it is with all video, but HD
> content appears to be the most obvious offender.  It can take up to 31
> seconds from the moment the user selects the video to play before it
> actually starts playing.
> My backend system is well used, but from the graphs I have, it's not
> hurting with CPU or memory.  Network to the frontends are all hardwired
> (backend is gig, frontends are 100 meg).  From a utilization
> perspective, the drives on the backend server are always hovering at
> around 85% utilization, which is good, and the general I/O on the drives
> is not such that it would cause a negative impact.
> I am using commercial detection, so I do suspect that there is some form
> of buffering going on, but for 31 seconds?  No network errors on the
> switch or the interface for the frontend or the backend.    CPU
> utilization on the frontend is low.. basically idle.
> I'm just wondering if there is a particular place within MythTV to look
> (for example, I recently found that it was recommended that "quick
> tuning" should be enabled for the hdhomerun)..
Um, check the logs?


  Jim Morton

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