[mythtv-users] are missing recordings automatically re-recorded when available?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon May 21 22:35:04 UTC 2012

I had a disk in my storage pool go bad and it took with it the
recordings that were on it.  No big deal.  It is just TV afterall.

Of course the recordings are still in the database and now I have a
bunch of recordings showing in the FE with a white X beside them,
signifying that their recording file cannot be found.

Does a recording in this state automatically get flagged for
re-recording or do I have to manually do something with each of them
(i.e. "Allow this episode to re-record") to get that to happen, assuming
of course they are shown again -- re-run season is right around the
corner though.  :-)

I notice that while there is a context menu item to do this (Recording
Options->Allow this episode to re-record) to recordings that are still
valid there is no "Recording Options" context menu item for this
recordings with missing files.  From a an end-user perspective, I'd
really hope that this means that these recordings are automatically
eligible for re-recording -- given that there is no UI element for me to
manually elect that.


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