[mythtv-users] no video on 0.25 Mythfrontend running on a mac mini with Intel GMA 950 Integrated graphics

David DeMan zachron at gmail.com
Sun May 20 21:15:47 UTC 2012

Hey everybody,

with 0.25 my mythfrontend on the mac mini described above will not
play video with any of the video playback settings. all that happens
is the screens stays on the "please wait while video loads" screen,
and then the audio begins playing, but no video, and this happens for
every video profile listed.

has anybody else seen this behavior?  is there a work around/solution?
with 0.24 i just have all the video decoding happen on the cpu, with
quartz/blit  and that works great, but both of those options appear to
have been removed in 0.25.


David DeMan

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