[mythtv-users] changing channel from an ATSC HDHR tuner to an analog channel on an HVR-2250 - Refreshing

jrh jharbestonus at gmail.com
Sun May 20 19:48:14 UTC 2012

Thought I'd refresh this since I have heard nothing. The current .25-fixes still has this behavior

Should I go ahead and do a ticket for it?


> Greetings
> Part 2 of the story: When changing channel from the ATSC source on an HDHR3US to an analog source(HVR-2250), there is an error message "video frame buffering failed too many times". Changing channel from analog to ATSC works fine. Also, changing channels within analog, or within ATSC works fine.
> This is on .25-fixes up to date as of today and happens on mac frontends as well as on linux frontends. I believe it is related to a couple of the earlier commits, as before those were incorporated, mythfrontend would hang. Now it no longer hangs, but times out and returns to the menu.
> Regards!

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