[mythtv-users] Sync live tweets to recording playback

Michael Robinson mike at robinsonhome.org
Fri May 18 09:37:41 UTC 2012

> Hi Mike - this looks like a pretty interesting script.
> I intend to try and get this working with 0.25 (mythtvosd being broken in
> 0.24) when I upgrade at the weekend and was wondering if you have attempted
> to get this working with the hash tag or search word filter that you
> mentioned?
> When I tried to use this with 0.24 - before I realised that mythtvosd was
> deprecated - I got the following response against some recordings (but not
> all) - Error: MythControl: Failed to parse duration. I assume that this
> has something to do with not being able to parse the duration of the
> recording for some reason (rather than being an error in relation to osd).
> Have you come across this before?
> Kind regards
> Chris

Just to keep the thread up to date...Chris and I have been working
off-thread on the issue.  The above issue has been fixed.  There is a
new version (0.7) available in the same place:



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