[mythtv-users] Ubuntu/Mythbuntu update problem

Damian myth at surr.co.uk
Thu May 17 19:13:17 UTC 2012

On 17/05/2012 12:10, NickS wrote:
> I recently did a fresh install of Mythbuntu 12.04 64-bit. The first 
> time I ran the system updates they failed part-way through and left 
> the system in an inconsistent state. After a hard-disk surface scan 
> and a memory test to rule out those underlying hardware issues, I've 
> since wiped, re-installed and done the updates (including MythTV 0.25) 
> and the system's working fine.
> It could be that your failed power supply did some damage to your 
> hardware so it'd be worth doing a memory test and hard-disk scan to 
> check that out (see  the "faulty RAM" and "Failing disk" sections at 
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FaultyHardware ). Also, given "two 
> completely different 64-bit systems", be sure you've verified the 
> integrity of your downloaded install image (check the md5sum of the 
> downloaded file and the CD you burnt - see 
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM ) before doing a fresh 
> install.
> That should at least help to eliminate some of the possible background 
> causes of some errors.
> Nick
Hello all,

Thanks for your help. I'm gutted to hear that the only suggestion seems 
to be formatting the hard drive and starting again! Is that really my 
only option?

I'd be surprised if the issue was with 64 bit version of Ubuntu as I've 
been running it, through different versions, for years now.

I can't bare the thought of backing up the database and restoring it 
after restarting, mainly because the database always seems to be the 
thing that stings me badly!

However, if that's my only option, is there a good simple (by simple, I 
mean GUI based would be awesome!) guide anywhere that tells me how to do 
that on a Mythbuntu system? Also, is the databse already compromised by 
the fact that I was running 0.24 fine on Ubuntu 11.10, but haven't been 
able to access any part of it since 'upgrading' to 0.25 on 12.04?

Looking forward to any tips .. and dreading the procedure :-)


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