[mythtv-users] Forced subtitles in mkv DVD rips.

Jason McLeod jason at mcleods.me
Thu May 17 14:57:52 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, 16 May, 2012 at 4:04 PM, Alexander Fisher wrote:
> Hi
> I've just started ripping all my DVDs to mkv files for mythvideo, but
> I'm a bit confused as to how forced subtitles work/should work.
> My current process is
> 1. DVD -> ISO using 'DVD Decrypter' on Windows.
> 2. ISO -> MKV using Makemkv. At this point, I select just the main
> title and pick one main soundtrack (normally DTS if available
> otherwise 5.1 Dolby Digital). I also leave in all the 'English'
> subtitles.
> 3. Use mkvinfo to identify the subtitle track numbers, rip them with
> mkvextract and use vobsub2pgm so that I can look through the subtitles
> I left in in step 2.
> 4. Finally, use mkvmerge to remux the mkv removing all subtitle tracks
> (main English subtitle track, commentary subtitles etc.) leaving just
> any forced subtitle track (and setting the forced flag) I discovered
> in step 3.
> A bit long winded, but this should produce what I want and no more.
> According to the change log, new to myth 0.25 is support for
> automatically displaying the forced subtitles. This doesn't seem to
> be working for me.
> I only get the forced subtitles if I manually select the subtitle from
> the OSD. In the OSD forced subtitles are enabled, but don't display
> without manually selecting them.
> Is the issue due to me having removed the normal English subtitle track?
> Are there easy ways of identifying which subtitle track is the forced
> one? Makemkv doesn't seem to tell me. Ripping all of them and
> converting them to images before manually examining them is time
> consuming.
> Other than remuxing with mkvmerge, can anybody suggest an easier way
> of changing the 'forced' flag on a mkv subtitle stream?
> Many thanks for any help and suggestions.
> Kind Regards,
> Alex
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My understanding of Forced subtitles, are that they are shown when story line is being progressed in another language.  Like the Russian parts in Hunt for Red October, before they zoom in and make everything English.

When I use Handbrake, I typically choose your same settings, but I select the English subtitles and choose Forced Only as an option.  That way the subtitles only show up when they are supposed to.  And it works fine for me when playing back in the frontend.

Hope that helps, 

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