[mythtv-users] Back-end Virtualization

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Sat May 12 00:34:53 UTC 2012

On 12/05/2012, at 4:53 AM, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:

>>> I have a third - to allow me to run different systems, with different
>>> kernels (perhaps because I've got some older stuff I haven't got around
>>> to upgrading yet), and I want to be able to upgrade one system without
>>> affecting another. Not a security thing, but a convenience thing.
>> Already mentioned.
> No.
>> On 5/11/2012 11:51, Raymond Wagner wrote:
>>> -- Counter Argument 1 --
>>> What about the need to run on a different hardware architecture or
>>> operating system?  Don't.  Find software that suits your needs that
>>> can all run on one OS.  If it's something critical that you cannot
>>> do without, perhaps that makes it worth dedicating another machine
>>> to.
> That does **NOT** in any way answer my stated reason.
> My reason is that for <whatever reasons> I want/need to run different 
> kernels. Responding that you should choose software that will run on 
> one is **NOT** an answer to that.
> As I said, I have several reasons - one is that I have some older 
> setups I don't want (or rather, don't have time at the moment) to 
> update.
> I also (at work) have a situation where some software I want to use 
> comes conveniently packaged - but with a different OS/Kernel to my 
> usual stuff. Yes I *could* deal with this, but then I'd have to take 
> the time to obtain and configure all the elements - instead of making 
> use of the work someone else has put in with the specific aim of 
> avoiding lots of people having to do it themselves. In other words, 
> in this case I want to use "an appliance" rather than build it.
> And of course, with "a few" virtual machines, I don't neccessarily 
> want to update the kernel on all of them at once (without thinking 
> too hard I can count at least 4 different kernels in use).
> I know where you are coming from, but quite frankly, your attitude is 
> grating to those who actually do have such needs - and don't have an 
> unending supply of spare time to achieve a "perfect" setup.
>>> And a fourth reason ...
>>> For my knowledge base, I can fire up a new VM to experiment quite
>>> easily. I'd need to go learning yet more new stuff to figure out how to
>>> setup another chroot jail or whatever *properly*.
>> "experimenting" does not constitute a production environment.
> Err, yes it does. Unless that is, you consider it prudent to just 
> apply major updates to live, production systems without any testing 
> at all.
> So can we drop this "holier than though" attitude ?
> By all means point out alternative (for some situations) and 
> pitfalls, but please stop telling people they are wrong because they 
> don't agree with you - for that is how you are coming across.

<misquote>When an elderly and distinguished mythtv user says that running your backend as a VM is stupid then he is usually right.
You ofcourse may do as you please, but if you don't like the advice why on earth did you ask?
You want every one to be amazed at your dashing boldness? Moi runs VMs on my mythtv backend machine, but I would never run my backend on a VM


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