[mythtv-users] 0.25fixes: mythtshutdown --status does not recognize recordings

John Veness John.Veness.mythtv at pelago.org.uk
Fri May 11 09:47:23 UTC 2012

On 11/05/2012 10:39, Greg G. wrote:
> Thanks for testing. I'm running Mythbuntu 11.10 with 0.25fixes from
> mythbuntu-repos. Updated the day before yesterday. I have a combined
> BE/FE. The issue showed up during a regular, scheduled recording and
> manifested itself by shutting the machine down way too early. Today I
> tested this by starting a random recording from mythweb, then did on the
> command line:
> $ mythshutdown --status
> $ echo $?
> 0
> Any difference to your setup/testing procedure?
> I know for sure this worked with 0.24fixes. I skimmed the source code in
> mythshutdown/main.cpp and libmyth/remoteutils.cpp but that code appears
> to not having been touched for ages.

I'm also running Ubuntu 11.10 with 0.25fixes from mythbuntu-repos, but I 
haven't had any problems with my machine shutting down while recording, 
although I'm not at home right now to explicitly test mythshutdown 
--status / echo $?.

Are you sure the upgrade went well? Are you definitely using the 
mythshutdown binary from 0.25, not something hanging over from 0.24?

What does:

	dpkg -l *myth*




John Veness, MythTV user, UK, DVB-T

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