[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend crashing 0.25 on Mythbuntu 12.04

Aaron aaron at rb303.net
Mon May 7 21:56:04 UTC 2012

I'm having an issue with my front end crashing. I'm not sure where to look
for the exact problem, but error 139 flashes on the screen.

This is from my dmesg:
[  124.038362] show_signal_msg: 6 callbacks suppressed
[  124.038367] mythfrontend.re[2250]: segfault at 7fbe995f4fb8 ip
00007fbe96ab211b sp 00007fffe1727620 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  134.811503] mythfrontend.re[2291]: segfault at 7f1f6ac36fb8 ip
00007f1f680f411b sp 00007fff4c07a750 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  136.380357] mythfrontend.re[2314]: segfault at 7ffbd85bbfb8 ip
00007ffbd5a7911b sp 00007fff31cf89f0 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  137.961290] mythfrontend.re[2337]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007f15d44fe0b7 sp 00007fff1dac82c0 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  139.370739] mythfrontend.re[2361] general protection ip:7f568383d0b7
sp:7fffcdb528e0 error:0 in libpthread-2.15.so[7f5683834000+18000]
[  140.604893] mythfrontend.re[2401] general protection ip:7f31c62610b7
sp:7fff23fb34f0 error:0 in libpthread-2.15.so[7f31c6258000+18000]
[  145.071643] mythlcdserver[2269]: segfault at 221 ip 0000000000404daf sp
00007fffa03606e0 error 6 in mythlcdserver[400000+32000]
[  311.808603] mythfrontend.re[4947]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007f914a4f00b7 sp 00007fffed33ae80 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  313.226110] mythfrontend.re[4975]: segfault at 7f053a5e2fb8 ip
00007f0537aa011b sp 00007fffa7b81290 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  314.323320] mythfrontend.re[4996]: segfault at 7f73aab84fb8 ip
00007f73a804211b sp 00007fff75655560 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  316.003949] mythfrontend.re[5017] general protection ip:7f882e2010b7
sp:7fffb8e92e10 error:0 in libpthread-2.15.so[7f882e1f8000+18000]
[  317.371109] mythfrontend.re[5038]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007f1b476f10b7 sp 00007fffabe78ee0 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  318.809020] mythfrontend.re[5059]: segfault at 7f957d54bfb8 ip
00007f957aa0911b sp 00007ffffe547370 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  319.971566] mythfrontend.re[5080]: segfault at 7f9c4a3b9fb8 ip
00007f9c4787711b sp 00007fff74a77b50 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  321.448505] mythfrontend.re[5101]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007fe6b7ee90b7 sp 00007fffe7f5f600 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  322.955714] mythfrontend.re[5122]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007f91ca8590b7 sp 00007fff91747b80 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  324.329245] mythfrontend.re[5143]: segfault at 7f0a101eefe8 ip
00007f0a0d6ac11b sp 00007ffff74dbd90 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  325.755857] mythfrontend.re[5164]: segfault at 7fbe4c14afb8 ip
00007fbe4960811b sp 00007fff79df7700 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  327.143452] mythfrontend.re[5185]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007f79df83f0b7 sp 00007fff0e884f70 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  328.373129] mythfrontend.re[5206]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007f7e5b8dd0b7 sp 00007ffffccd6940 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  329.882045] mythfrontend.re[5227]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007fc67be5c0b7 sp 00007fff75af8d60 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  331.164897] mythfrontend.re[5248] general protection ip:7ff4c58b30b7
sp:7fffaabc2a00 error:0 in libpthread-2.15.so[7ff4c58aa000+18000]
[  332.551583] mythfrontend.re[5269] general protection ip:7f12c99ee0b7
sp:7fff33213a80 error:0 in libpthread-2.15.so[7f12c99e5000+18000]
[  333.976368] mythfrontend.re[5290]: segfault at 7f3c0c2bcfb8 ip
00007f3c0977a11b sp 00007fff2ddc5aa0 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  335.304162] mythfrontend.re[5311]: segfault at 7f82cec23fe8 ip
00007f82cc0e111b sp 00007fff2cad49c0 error 7 in libpthread-2.15.so
[  336.702082] mythfrontend.re[5332]: segfault at 21000002d0 ip
00007fc1d6fb70b7 sp 00007fffdd10ddd0 error 4 in libpthread-2.15.so
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