[mythtv-users] Start frontend from irexec

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat May 5 20:36:47 UTC 2012

On 05/05/2012 04:21 PM, Josu Lazkano wrote:
> 2012/5/5 Raymond Wagner:
>> On 5/5/2012 15:54, Josu Lazkano wrote:
>>>          #DISPLAY=:0 mythfrontend 2>&1&
>>>          mythfrontend
>>> It stop the frontend well, but it doesn't start. It works well if I
>>> execute from a terminal. But i want to execute without a terminal.
>> Chances are you're trying to run the frontend without an X server to use.
>>   If you configured it to log somewhere, it would tell you what the problem
>> was.
> Thanks Raymond, I try with this:
> DISPLAY=:0 xset -dpms
> DISPLAY=:0 mythfrontend>  /home/lazkano/mythfrontend.log 2>&1&
> And this is the log file:
> $ cat mythfrontend.log
> No protocol specified
> mythfrontend: cannot connect to X server :0
> I never configure the X server. How could I configure?

That means that either you're running  the script as a different user 
from the one that's owns the X server or your script is lacking the HOME 
environment variable.


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