[mythtv-users] Some LiveTV problems and questions

Stefan D raptorjr08 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 19:39:36 UTC 2012

I'm running the master branch, updated yesterday and have some problems and
questions about LiveTV.

1) When there is a transition to a new program the progress OSD don't show
the correct progress of the new program. It is always full, and both
current position and the total position time is equal even if i paus or
rewind. The progress is always full.

2) I was watching LiveTV and a recording was scheduled on that card. I got
a popup asking me what to do. Just to check what happened i didn't do
anything. After the timeout the channel changed to the program that was
about to be recorded. The problem now is that the recording have been
converted to a LiveTV event. So if i press quit LiveTV stops and i dont get
the show recorded. This seems wrong.

3) In the above situation is it possible to configure Mytht to check if
there is another card available that can be used for the recording instead?
In previous versions there was a option to allow LiveTV to move scheduled
recordings, but i think that setting is removed now? I did have another
card that could have been used for recordings, and to me i almost would
have liked the recording to be rescheduled, if possible, if i watch LiveTV.
For example, if i had paused LiveTV it would have been lost because Myth
changed channels. I only want to abort LiveTV when it is absolutely

4) Anyway, when i realized that my recording had been converted to LiveTV
and then stopped because i pressed quit, i started LiveTV again on the same
channel and pressed record to record the program again. After that i
pressed quit and saw that the recording was now in progress.
I then again started LiveTV, now the same card was used but on another
virtual tuner. So the same card was both recording the program and showing
the same program on LiveTV. To test things out i now changed to another
channel to see how Myth behaved. It took almost 30 seconds to change
channel, and now a virtual tuner on my second card was used. Besides the
long time to change channel it seemed to work as expected, but no.
What happened now is that the recording that was in progress on my first
card "stopped recording". Myth was still showing that the recording was in
progress, but the filesize didn't increase anymore. And when i looked in
Watch Recordings i only had 2 minutes recorded and nothing more.

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