[mythtv-users] REGRESSION: mythbackend 0.25 does not recover firewire connection without restart anymore

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Thu May 3 15:14:14 UTC 2012

> I suggest try running plugreport from the command line before and
> after
> the power-off, to see if maybe the port is changing, or some other
> parameter is getting reset. If the port is changed or the n_p2p is
> reset
> this may be preventing the backend from connecting.
> Another suggestion - set the wakeup for 5 minutes early, then have a
> script that checks plugreport for a good connectionto the firewire,
> then
> restarts the backend. I am not sure how you will kick off this script
> at
> wake-up time, there probably are several ways to do this.
> My experience is that I cannot use sleep. I think that my USB QAM
> tuners
> prevent sleep. If I try to suspend, the machine hangs. So I shut down
> the server and use ACPI wakeup to reboot with a 5 minutes early
> setting.
> This works well, it may be preferable to using a suspend.
> I have a bunch of scripts for checking the status of firewire and
> other
> things, and sending emails and text messages if something is
> disconnected of failing. I can share them if they may be useful.
> Peter

Yes, please share.


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