[mythtv-users] 0.25 and V4L not working

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Sat Mar 24 03:54:41 UTC 2012

On 03/21/2012 03:50 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 03/20/2012 08:30 PM, Eric B wrote:
>> Hello all, I was just decided to update my system to 0.25 today and I
>> noticed that my V4L card no longer workings in 0.25.
>> The card works fine in tvtime and in 0.24. However it is totally
>> broken in 0.25. The card is a pinnacle 800i.. nothing special
>> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Pinnacle_PCTV_HD_Card_%28800i%29
>> I'm not sure if this is a bug or something weird with the 0.24 to 0.25
>> update..  Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
> What distro?  Where did you get MythTV (from a package or
> built-from-source)?  What MythTV version (output of mythbackend
> --version)?  What did you use for configure options?  What is the output
> of:
> find /usr/include -name '*videodev*'
> Please do a:
> make distclean
> on your repo, then apply the attached patch to the tree (from inside the
> top directory of your mythtv repo--the one that contains mythtv and
> mythplugins and checksums and such):
> patch -Np1 -i /path/to/mythtv-add_v4l1_header.patch
> then re-configure, make, make install and see if it works.  Then, report
> back with results of the test, and the answers to the above questions.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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I'm having a similar issue with the HVR-2250.  The patch provided
applied, but wouldn't build properly.  I'm going to try the attached
patch.  -A

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