[mythtv-users] setting so upnp playback skips commercials / uses cutlist?

Harry Coin hcoin at quietfountain.com
Fri Mar 23 01:13:08 UTC 2012

My android smartphone offers a few different free 'apps' like skifta 
that uses the myth upnp server to pass local net links for streaming on 
the phone.   Is there a setting somewhere I can use so when the upnp 
player feeds the data it honors the commercial skip list and/or the 
hand-edited cut list?  Maybe in 0.25??

This came up when it was time to leave the computer running mythfrontend 
that others were watching but I wanted to keep watching on my little 
phone screen (well, listening more than watching, but, anyway).   
However I kept having to fat-finger the skip forward / skip back bit on 
the pad and frankly it was such a bother I just quit watching the show 
altogether and just use it for videos now.   I haven't found any 
settings on mythbackend for the upnp playback, any links?


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