[mythtv-users] 0.25 - livetv fails when starting on a specificchannel

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Mon Mar 19 00:00:40 UTC 2012

>> I'm running 0.25 from about a week ago. Today I discovered a case
>> where livetv consistently won't work if I start on a particular
>> channel. If I start on another channel and switch to that channel, it
>> works fine. However if I start on that channel it hangs for about 10
>> seconds before dumping back to the menu with the "error opening
>> jumpfile" message. However, I've noticed that even though it doesn't
>> playback, the 10 second file is created, and if I go into the
>> "recorded programs" screen and switch to the livetv group, the
>> recording is there and it plays fine. I also did some testing with
>> mplayer, where as soon as I start mythtv in livetv and it's waiting
>> for the video to start, I quickly switch to mplayer and begin to play
>> the mpg file, and the file works fine. So it's not a case where the
>> data isn't making into the file (or the data isn't being flushed) in a
>> timely manner, because mplayer is seeing it just fine at the same time
>> that myth can't.

>I did some more debugging on this. Turning off the AlwaysStreamFiles
>setting files seems to let playback work on this channel. I couldn't
>find that setting in the setup screens (was it removed in 0.25?) so I
>just disabled in the database and that took care of it. Still don't
>know why it's just that one channel that fails for streaming. Any

That's interesting.  I have one FE that will not play live TV without 
AlwaysStreamFiles turned ON (it just hangs at a blank screen for ~10 
seconds, then the "error opening jumpfile") and have never figured out why. 
About the only thing I can think of is this FE is also a SBE (though that is 
now turned off in favor of mythjobqueue) and it has identical folders 
mounted to the the MBE to allow it to do transcodes.  Maybe something to do 
with that?

It's also a little concerning that the setting itself has been removed from 
Myth settings screens (I believe it was gone in 0.24 too,but don't quote me 
on that), but it still seems to have a pretty big impact. 

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