[mythtv-users] 0 Byte recording files when starting live TV and changing channels

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Sun Mar 18 00:01:24 UTC 2012

>> What's bothering me about this 0 byte file issue is that it didn't happen 
>> before upgrading to 0.25, and
>it's making my RSS feed from MythWeb very 'noisy' with 0 byte recordings 
>from live TV.
>> Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.
>> Cheers,

>What bothers me is that you keep withholding crucial information when 
>people are trying to help you.
>Like you complain about liveTV not working, turned out to be because you're 
>using NFS, yet forgot to mention it.

>Why don't you sort out your local, unrelated issues first, then start 
>asking others to help you troubleshoot things?

>And why use NFS to start with?

I have to say, while I understand your frustration trying to help people 
troubleshoot issues when they won't provide the information you request or 
ignore your suggestions (and believe me, I've witnessed it enough time to 
know where you're coming from), I don't think it's warranted here.  I 
believe he has sorted out his issues that were preventing him from using 
Live TV.  The 0 byte thing isn't being caused by a local issue of his, 
MythTV has been spawning a 0 byte file at a program change in Live TV for 
quite some time now (as I am sure you're completely aware).  However, it 
seems that with 0.25, it isn't cleaning them up as often as it used to.  I 
used to see them all the time with 0.24, and they'd "disappear" after 10 or 
15 minutes; that's not happening now.  I've been watching Live TV all day 
(NCAA Tourney) and I have 48 shows when I look at Recorded Programs -> Live 
TV in Mythweb; 24 of which are 0 byte files that would have been long ago 
cleaned up under 0.24.  At this point, I am assuming that they will be 
cleaned up when the Live TV shows get cleaned up every day (as per my "Live 
TV max age (days)" setting).

However, if Mythweb sees them as "recordings", I would assume the Mythweb 
RSS feed would too. 

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