[mythtv-users] Update on 430GT

Simon Waldman lists at firecloud.org.uk
Fri Mar 16 11:47:00 UTC 2012

Just to update people following my query a couple of weeks ago:
I installed a 430GT (it's an Asus one which claims to be overclocked
from standard, I think), and it is now happily playing everything up
to 1080p on the "VDPAU High Quality" profile, even while recording 3
shows and commflagging at the same time, on an old Athlon64 ;-) As a
bonus, HDMI audio now works too.

My only quibble is that the picture looks more contrasty and saturated
than before, to the extent that it's odd to my eye. I've checked the
"digital vibrance" setting and it's at zero... I may try just reducing
it a little below zero, but any other suggestions are welcome.

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