[mythtv-users] Sound Problems in Mythfronted

Or Duek orduek at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 20:32:36 UTC 2012

Have you had time to check the sample I sent you?
I want to know if I should upgrade to 0.25.
Thank you very much,

I attach a link to download 5min of sample.
hope it can solve something.
thank you very much for all your work.



I'd really like to get a sample to check what's going on there...

We are close to a new official release, and have to make sure it's not
there either

After upgrading to 0.25. Problem persists :(
Any idea what can I do now?

Still hearing those echo sounds and pitch changes. What I think is it
mainly happens when there's a voice and less with music.

Thank you.

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