[mythtv-users] Python Bindings - Delete Recordings Seek Table

Harald Nehring harald.nehring at arcor.de
Thu Mar 15 15:54:36 UTC 2012

I noticed that recordings transcoded to h.264/matroska play/seek best
without any associated entries in the "recordedseek" table.

I'm now looking for the best way to empty this table in my Python
transcode user job for a specific chanid/starttime key.

I thought about setting up a DBDataWrite derived class, iterating over all
matching seek table entries executing delete() on each object.

This sounds rather ineffective, when all I want to do is something like:

DELETE FROM recordedseek
WHERE chanid = <chanid> AND starttime = <starttime>

Is there an easy way to just run this query against the Python bindings?
Are there side effects when purging the seek table?

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