[mythtv-users] SOLVED Re: Upgrading from 0.21 to 0.23 = failure

Bruce Richardson itsbruce at workshy.org
Thu Mar 15 04:16:10 UTC 2012

So, the first problem was that neither a full scan nor a channels.conf
was adding any channels to the channel list.  I eventually solved this

  1.  Doing a channels.conf-import scan
  2.  Deleting the channels (because DVB-T doesn't like channels.conf.
  3.  Doing a full scan.  This used the transports added by the first
can, after which I finally had a list of channels in the channels table.

However, I found that the EPG wasn't being populated, so that I could
watch LiveTV but not see any channel or program information.  So I added
"--verbose important,general,eit" to the options for mythtv-backend,
which revealed the message "EITScanner: StartActiveScan called with 0
multiplexes".  So I went to look at the code (eitscanner.cpp) to find
how MythTV builds the list of multiplexes.  I discovered that the code
builds a list of all the multiplexes which have (among other things) at
least one matching channel which has "useonairguide" set to 1.  However,
in my database, all the channels had that field set to 127, which may be
a bug or may be a result of the way I had to kick MythTV into populating
the channel list.  Anyway, a quick "update channel set useonairguide =
1;" and all is fixed.

Listings back, OSD working, haven't lost my archive.  Do need to catch
up on some sleep.


The ice-caps are melting, tra-la-la-la.  All the world is drowning,
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