[mythtv-users] 0.25 mpeg2 lossless transcoding works again! hallelujah! except...

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Mar 14 19:57:08 UTC 2012

On 3/14/2012 15:09, Andy Sheen wrote:
> Mike Perkins wrote on Wed 14 Mar at 18:38 UK time
>> On 14/03/12 15:30, jk90090 wrote:
>>> Moving it to mythtv-setup is the wrong direction IMHO.  I feel it's bad
>>> design to move more things to that interface backend.  There really
>>> should only be *one* graphical interface for Mythtv (not two!), with all
>>> setup screens within it.  The mythtv-setup should be able to but run in
>>> text-only mode for the very basic setup (DB setup) and then use the
>>> frontend for further configuration like provider, card, channel setup,
>>> etc.  Without this, you can't run a windows-less backend and that feels
>>> to me like it defeats the purpose of having a split between frontend and
>>> backend.  This might end up driving me crazy enough to go about adding
>>> this improvement to the development tree for 0.26.
>> "Without this, you can't run a windows-less backend"
>> Oh, yes you can! ssh -X or ssh -Y can do this perfectly well from any other
>> host. I believe you can use vnc or other methods too. ssh is the way I've
>> maintained my MBE for years, and it doesn't even have X installed.
>> The way forward seems to be a separate web interface, which I understand is
>> planned for a future release. Till then, mythtv-setup over ssh works well enough.
> It's interesting how people perceive things. I only run myth backends,
> no front ends at all. I'd really like the ability to run mythtv-setup in
> a terminal without having to run Cygwin X on my Windows PC to enable
> display of the setup screen.

So run a VNC server.

> People (i.e. me!) were building menuing UIs
> using curses some 20 years ago (and before anyone suggests I add a patch
> - it was 20 years ago....). That's all you'd need for mythtv-setup as
> far as I can tell.

Feel free to add a curses configuration utility for mythbackend, but 
don't expect it to be accepted.  Part of the reason for the new Services 
API was to use it to replace mythtv-setup with an HTML configuration 
application built into the backend web server.  The backend will operate 
at minimal capacity without database access, allowing you to connect and 
configure it.

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