[mythtv-users] Changing from 0.21 to 0.25 using new hardware

Bob Long bob at oblong.com.au
Wed Mar 14 04:40:52 UTC 2012

I currently have a reliable 0.21 system (combined FE/BE) running on 
Ubuntu 8.04. However, it has some hardware limitations (AGP slot, so not 
able to install PCI-e video for high definition/VDPAU; motherboard does 
not accept modern larger capacity hard drives; a couple of other things) 
so I'm looking to build a new combined FE/BE with new hardware.

I've done some tests with new hardware with 0.24 and that seems fine. 
However, would it be better to me to wait for 0.25 to build the real new 
system? That is, will it be better/easier to build a 0.25 system from 
scratch rather than try to upgrade from 0.24? There's no rush for the 
new system, so I can wait if it's better/simpler/more future-proof.

And would it also be better to wait for Ubuntu 12.04, rather than use 
11.10? Is upgrading from 11.10 to 12.04 likely to break things?

Then, with whatever flavour of new system I have built, how to get 
recordings/schedules etc from the 0.21 system?

http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Release_Notes_-_0.25 says it won't upgrade 
from before 0.22. But I don't want to try any upgrade on the existing 
system anyway - I want to keep it running as is.

I've read http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore but 
don't really understand if that is applicable in this case. That warns 
about doing partial restores, but would that process do a full restore 
of a 0.21 backup anyway? If it did, and as there will be different 
tuners/channels, etc, would that restore wipe out or break what had been 
newly configured?

Any pointers, or have I just not read things well enough?

Bob Long

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