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Hello everyone,
Aside from my ongoing issue with my Mac frontends, I'm currently investigating setting up two of the TVs in our house to playback recordings from my MythTV server via UPnP. The main purpose of this is so that I can record shows for others in the house, and allow them access to the recordings with no hardware costs on the TV end. I understand UPnP does mean that I loose commercial skipping, scheduling, etc. which isn't a problem to the other users.
When I have the recordings in a format that the TVs will accept, this works great. However, it's presenting all of my recordings (Default/Deleted) to the UPnP clients. What I would ideally like to do is assign a certain 'group'(?) of recordings to be viewed on the UPnP clients, instead of MythTV serving all recordings, no matter who they are intended for. I.e. If I record some show for my Mum, I don't really want to sift through her recordings on my MythFrontends. Likewise, she does not want to sift through my recordings that I have made, when she is browsing the recordings on her PC.
I would appreciate any input anyone has on this.
Many thanks for reading.
Kind regards,
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I have two media boxes and one Eee Pad Transformer which supports UPnP.
I have recordings in different recording groups like Default, Music, Film etc.

When accessing the backend using UPnP the top level shows recordings, video, music and pictures I believe.
Under recordings I can further choose between "all" (or perhaps default), "by date", "by category", "by group" and maybe some other criteria.
The important one here being the "by group" which reflects the recording groups I have defined on the backend.


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Thanks for your reply.

I think I understand what I need to do - get my recordings to be sent to one group, whilst other user's to another recording group. I've not done anything with recording groups in the past, so I'll have to do some research on setting these up.

Thanks again,

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There are two ways of selecting an existing recording group or create a new one.
1. For new recording rules under storage settings (I think) you can select an existing one or create a new one.
2. For existing recordings press menu, under storage settings (I think) you can move the recording to an existing group or create a new one.


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