[mythtv-users] Using two EPG sources - XMLTV for TV and EIT for radio on DVB

Joe Nyland joenyland at me.com
Tue Mar 13 08:53:54 UTC 2012

On 11 Mar 2012, at 22:29, Joe Nyland wrote:

> :-( Now I'm getting this in /var/log/messages, when I see mythtv-setup crash:
> Mar 11 21:53:12 MythTVServer1 kernel: [382500.166847] mythtv-setup.re[3222]: segfault at 7fab58e66db8 ip 00007fab699bb897 sp 00007fab58e66da0 error 6 in libQtCore.so.4.6.2[7fab698f9000+276000]
> Also, if I run 'taskset -c 0 /usr/bin/mythtv-setup.real' I get:
> 2012-03-11 21:51:58.394 DTVMux, Warning: Invalid inversion, falling back to 'auto'. <-- not sure if this is actually an issue though...
> Any suggestions on this?

Should this segfault be logged as a bug on Trac?

If so, for which binary should I provide a backtrace - mythbackend or mythtv-setup? Can you do a backtrace on mythtv-setup, if it's that which segfaults?

Many thanks,


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