[mythtv-users] Poor playback performance on Mac mini

Joe Nyland joenyland at me.com
Sun Mar 11 15:56:41 UTC 2012

> On 10 Mar 2012, at 22:55, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
>> Reverting to a version compiled a few months ago works well for me: http://www.avenard.com/files/mythtv/mac/MythFrontend-0.24.1-jyavenard-intel-10.6v0.24.1-167-g7dc43af-dirty.dmg
> I'm currently downloading the build you have specified, so I'll give that a go later.

I've just tested this build out, and I can't see any improvement to the issue I'm experiencing, I'm sorry.

Has anyone any ideas how I should proceed with this? I does seem like it's purely MythFrontend that's not able to play back certain recordings successfully on this machine, but I'm not sure where to start trying to fix this.

Many thanks,

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