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> On 03/08/2012 03:26 PM, Nasa wrote:
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> >>> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythMusic#Smart_Playlist
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> >> does this make more sense?
> Putting together comments from two different people.
> Thanks for the pointer,but .25 looks NOTHING like the wiki pages sets
> out. Although the same bits and pieces are there, together with MORE.
> WHAT A BLOODY MESS. I an not impressed. There are apparently 7
> different
> filters for how I might like to look at my music. I cannot get rid of
> those I do not want, and which just take up screen space. And making
> music selections is....weird.
> And no apparent method to remove a choice.
> Not impressed. I would prefer the drill-down view accessed by the
> little
> box in the 'search for music' page.
> Is there any way to get rid of extra crap?

Boy do people like to bitch, hopefully developers have thicker
skin than I... 

To your points,

1. Yes -- its changed, my bad.  Should have looked before I posted.
2. There's a lot of options available (I for one really apprecaite 
them all).  How they are presented is likely a matter of themes. Given 
that this is a beta release -- new themes that are more to your liking
aren't there yet.  
3. I didn't care for and thus didn't use the 'search for music page'.
4. Finding the options to build a new playlist, took some playing around.  I
found it under settings->media settings->music tools, then I selected a smart
playlist and hit menu.  An option for creating a playlist showed up there.

I have said before that having a music screen and a music *tools* screen (which 
now both play music) maybe a bit confusing.  I suspect a nice theme would/could
address that.

If you get over your perceived problems with the interface, you'll note that the
developers have been REALLY hard at work.  There are a lot of new capabilities, when
presented well -- will be greatly appreciated.  Try playing around with it and see
what things are available.

> Geoff
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