[mythtv-users] Which nVidia card?

Greg greg12866 at nycap.rr.com
Thu Mar 8 14:48:00 UTC 2012

On 03/08/2012 08:41 AM, John wrote:
> I added an Asus gt430 to my working BE/FE system after following this
> discussion for a bit and it's a real nightmare. Should have just
> stayed with the Intel Sandy bridge video. Still can't get compiz to
> work properly in 3d accelerated mode because it keeps segfaulting but
> my biggest issue is Mythfrontend menus take 5-10 seconds to move a
> single line.
> Interesting enough if I run FE in a window with geometry of 660x360
> the menus "only" lag a second or two per line. I also tried forcing
> the painter to use qt but no difference.
> Any ideas what I may have set/done wrong?
> Went back to the Intel Video and things are working perfectly again. I
> could see nothing in the logs to explain the menu slow downs. Welcome
> any feedback or things to check.
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Any ideas what I may have set/done wrong?

Probably not what you  want to hear but,The key to your problem is, 
don't use compiz on a machine running Mythtv...

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