[mythtv-users] HTTP live stream and seeking in .25

Ian Bishop ibishop at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 21:29:20 UTC 2012

Hi list, I have been excited about the live transcode/HTTP stream API
that's coming with .25, it will be a straightforward way to enable a
full experience from lower powered or bandwidth limited devices.  I
would take a crack at creating an Android front end for the HTTP
stream since I would use it myself.

What I am wondering about is how do clients seek/fast forward/rewind
with it?  There is nothing in the services API for seeking, is there a
way to control the stream from within the HTTP streaming connection?
I guess the other feature I would see being needed is a way to query
how long a recording is (assuming it's currently being recorded).

I've been looking for specifications for a HTTP stream protocol, but
haven't found anything that looks widely accepted enough to assume
that's what has been implemented here.

Thanks, Ian

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