[mythtv-users] audio question: GeForce GT 430 over HDMI

Bob Long bob at oblong.com.au
Mon Mar 5 02:55:56 UTC 2012

ojw at weilerfamily.com wrote,

> I've got a bit of an issue with audio that might be more operating
> system
> related than mythtv related but since audio works in mythtv, I thought
> I'd
> ask it here.
> I just got mythbuntu working well using a GeForce GT 430. Video and
> audio
> are both coming through the HDMI cable out of the 430 when using
> mythtvfrontend. When I open a browser (currently using Chromium, though
> I
> don't think that matters), I get no audio.

It may be as simple as (depending on your window manager) clicking on 
the speaker icon in the panel and selecting the output device somewhere 
there, if I've understood the problem.

Bob Long

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