[mythtv-users] Finding a suitable device for a Harmony remote

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Mar 4 11:05:36 UTC 2012

On 03/03/12 21:12, Larry K wrote:
> Here is what I did.  First, I installed the lircd.conf found here:
> http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb  I only needed
> the first remote in that list, so I deleted the others.
> Then, in the Harmony software, I found the Microsoft Media Center PC device
> and installed that.  Then, through a couple hours of trial and error, I
> found out which keystrokes to program into the remote, that are handed by
> lirc properly.  Some keystrokes borked in irw, so I had to avoid them.
> Once I had that working, I just updated lircrc to map those keystrokes to
> myth.
Sounds fine, but I omitted something from my setup that's probably important: my 
frontend is minimyth (0.24.1-77) and I have no idea how I would change those 
things, or even if it is possible to run irw.

Debugging my setup is an exhausting business, as (naturally) my frontend is in 
the living room and pcs/terminals are at the other end of the house and up a 
flight of stairs.

Since the (netbooted) minimyth files are on a server - and not even the server 
which is the MBE - changing them is not something I undertake lightly. I don't 
want to stray too far from the stock release in any case.

I think I can fairly easily change the minimyth.conf to receive mceusb - if it 
doesn't do that automatically - and all I really want to do is to find a way to 
get the remote to issue the complete set of commands.

I'm currently in the middle of a mass migration from Mandriva to Debian, my 
wireless router just failed with bad caps (replaced them: no joy) and we've just 
had digital switchover here, which also means I'm upgrading from SD to HD. If 
there is a simple way to remove something relatively trivial like wrong remote 
codes from the list I'll take it.

Once I'm comfortable with Debian I might make the frontend totally netbootable, 
and then I can tinker to my heart's content. For now, I just need to keep the 
WAF up.


Mike Perkins

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