[mythtv-users] HDHR tuners just died?

Paul Stillwell bigboi at wackywombats.com
Thu Mar 1 14:08:26 UTC 2012

I have one of the original HDHRs and it looks like the tuners in it just died. I have it connected to an OTA antenna and it has worked fine for years (small amount of pixelization sometimes). Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that it will record ok, but some of the recordings are unwatchable (lots of pixelization, almost 0 sized recordings). Needless to say this is causing the WAF to plummet! Last night I ran the HDHR GUI to see what the signal strengths are, and it saw the tuners, but didn't find any channels. I can ping it, but nothing else seems to work. When I tried to record something with it, the tuner lights didn't even come on so I think it's dead.

Has anyone else seen this? I wouldn't expect this kind of thing since it doesn't have any moving parts…


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