[mythtv-users] Recordings Fail for one DVB-T multiplex

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Jun 14 15:00:16 UTC 2012

On 14/06/12 12:57, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 14/06/12 11:03, John Pilkington wrote:
>> On 14/06/12 10:16, David Watkins wrote:
>>> I'm in the UK on the Crystal Palace transmitter (DVB-T), running 0.25
>>> fixes.
>>> I've just noticed that ITV4 and Film4 recordings are failing.
>>> Both these channels are on the COM6 multiplex, so probably that whole
>>> multiplex is failing to tune (I don't have any of the other channels
>>> on it marked as visible).
> <snip>
>> I would delete that transport and rescan all transports with the 'scan
>> linked transports' enabled. I have found (but not on Crystal Palace)
>> that a scan with just the dvb-t2 mux defined will find and populate all
>> the other muxes; if you start with only SD muxes you may not find HD and
>> it often takes a few cycles to get the other SD muxes right, but it gets
>> there in the end.
> I must retract this: it used to work, but a test with mythtvsetup today failed
> to get lock on any channel in 'scan existing transports' modes after manual
> entry of frequencies.  A full scan with an empty transport table found the usual
> jumble of muxes from various transmitters and it looks as if deleting the ones
> known to be irrelevant and rescanning 'all known transports' may have worked.  I
> haven't tested recording yet.
> This is with the current (1 May) ATrpms build of 0.25-fixes on SL6.  I did the
> test in response to an inquiry from dekarl on Ticket #10217. The timings suggest
> that the 'fix' in #10054 may have caused the change.  I don't think I had done
> any scans in 0.25 before today.
> It looks as if prior knowledge of mux frequencies is still a great help in
> sorting out the mess.
A footnote here: Despite the fact that we are supposed to be completely over and 
done with the digital switchover here (Hannington: North Hampshire), yesterday I 
saw a notice saying that we will have to retune yet again within the next month. 
I didn't notice the date as I was not expecting to see such a warning again.

I've no idea why this is necessary and I haven't yet ferreted around to find the 
reason. It's possible the same may be happening with you. I *love* having to 


Mike Perkins

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