[mythtv-users] Configuring the system - not understanding some things

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Sat Jun 9 08:24:28 UTC 2012

In reference to an earlier thread that talked about problems with my 
tuner, I have purchased an additional tuner and gone back to an old 
one.  What I need to do now is properly configure them.  I tried, but 
didn't get the result I wanted.  So I am asking here for help to 
properly configure them

I now have installed in my computer a Haupage WinTV Nova T 500.  The has 
two DVB-T tuners - but experience of it over the past couple of years is 
that the second tuner frequently just dies.  There are multiple recipes 
on the internet on how to fix this, from slowing down the tuner to 
setting values in modules.conf to prevent the inbuilt usb hub being 
timed out.  None have worked for me.  So want I want to do is only use 
the first tuner ( although I considered using the second tuner as a 
lowest priority input, I would prefer a recording move to a later time 
rather than be scheduled to record on it only to fail to record - it 
does tend to fail silently and only a reboot will recover it).  I would 
like make the second tuner available for live TV (until it fails that is)

I have just purchased a Pinnicle TV nanostick T2 290e which will give me 
DVB T2 capability and receive the HD channels.

I would like things setup so that for recordings

A) If I request an HD channel recording it automatically selects the 
Pinnicle device
B) If I request a Non HD channel recording it gives preference to the 
Nova T device, but if there is a conflict to choose the Pinnicle Device 
if its free
C) If I request an HD channel recording and the Pinnicle device is 
scheduled to record a non HD channel, the HD channel takes priority and 
the Non HD channel is not recorded.
D) I would like MythTV to find an HD version of a program if possible 
and use that, rather than a non HD version (eg make BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD 
synonymous with BBC 1 HD higher priority)

The problem is, at the moment - previously scheduled recording (from 
before I changed the tuner) and scheduling HD channels on to the Nova T, 
which has no capability of recording them

It may be that I misunderstand what a Video source is.  I have ONLY one 
configured which I call EIT and is the over the air list of channels and 
their programs that I receive.

In Mythtv-Setup, in input connections I have configured both my capture 
cards to use that single source.

I might also not understand what a channel scan does when I do one 
within the input connection I have just setup the two inputs connections 
and done a channel scan on both of them - but I am suspecting that the 
found channels are going to a global channel list.

In fact, after some thinking about it, what I am wondering is, is the 
channel list associated with the input source, and the fact that you 
channel scan in the input connections is just because that is where 
there is a card associated with the source.


1) How do I tell mythtv that a given input card can't record certain 
channels? - Can I do this via two separate video sources (say EIT 
without HD and EIT with HD)
and connect the Pinnicle card to the EIT with HD source and the Nova T 
cards (both of them) to the EIT without HD source. (and then do channel 
2) Should I  set the schedule priority for the second NOVA T card to 0, 
but liveTV priority to a low none zero number?
3) Should I set the schedule proritity for the first NOVA T card to a 
low non zero number, set the schedule priority for the Pinnicle card to 
a higher priority?
4) Set the liveTV priorities for the Pinnicle and First Nova T cards to 
high priority?

5) I have no idea how to go about achieving D

Alan Chandler

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