[mythtv-users] mythbackend --printexpire

Tom Hayward esarfl at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 17:11:09 UTC 2012

In 0.24, I could run the command "mythbackend --printexpire" and see a
list of the recordings next eligible for autoexpire. This was helpful
for tuning my priorities--and no surprises when recordings were
expired. With 0.25, the expire list never prints. I just get the
normal startup lines...

tom at t3:~$ mythbackend --help 2>&1 | grep expire
--printexpire               Print upcoming list of recordings to be expired.

tom at t3:~$ mythbackend --printexpire
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461484 C  mythbackend version: fixes/0.25
[v0.25.2-3-gf0e2ad8] www.mythtv.org
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461679 C  Qt version: compile: 4.7.4, runtime: 4.8.1
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461684 N  Enabled verbose msgs:  general
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461711 N  Setting Log Level to LOG_INFO
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461823 I  Added logging to the console
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461831 I  Added database logging to table logging
2012-07-31 11:00:14.461949 N  Setting up SIGHUP handler
2012-07-31 11:00:14.465757 N  Using runtime prefix = /usr
2012-07-31 11:00:14.465794 N  Using configuration directory = /home/tom/.mythtv
2012-07-31 11:00:14.467671 I  Assumed character encoding: en_US.UTF-8
2012-07-31 11:00:14.471718 N  Empty LocalHostName.
2012-07-31 11:00:14.471734 I  Using localhost value of t3
2012-07-31 11:00:14.508050 N  Setting QT default locale to EN_US
2012-07-31 11:00:14.508118 I  Current locale EN_US
2012-07-31 11:00:14.508706 N  Reading locale defaults from

I added a drive to my Default storage group around the time I upgraded
to 0.25. Maybe this is the cause.

Without this command line tool working, the only way I know of to view
the autoexpire list is via the frontend. I'd like the list via ssh, or
better yet, mythweb. What happened to --printexpire? Can someone point
me to the autoexpire SELECT query so I can run it manually?


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